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b2b products

B2B Products

All in Ones

When setting up your home office, it can be tempting to cut corners and invest in a simple printer. However, it is worth noting that the cost of all in one printers has come down dramatically. These printers offer multiple functions, and save you on space as well. By incorporating several different machines in one, these printers let you handle several office related tasks easily and conveniently. Read more about All in Ones

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is exactly what the title suggests. It looks like grass, but is actually made of synthetic fibers. There are so many different choices of artificial turf available, that it is very easy to find one that will fit your need. Read more about Artificial Turf

ATM Machines

Cost and Benefits of an Automated Teller Machine
To determine whether or not your business can benefit from an ATM, consider the following: Is the location any good? what’s the cost of an ATM? Which type of ATM is best? Finally, how much does an ATM machine bring in? Read more about ATM Machines

Booths and Shacks

Guard Shacks
Guard shacks, also called security shacks, are small structures which typically house a security officer whose primary duty is to protect the property that the shack is on and the people who are there. Likely, with just a few examples, you will recall having encountered a guard shack at some point. Almost all airports in the United States have guard shacks; they are found outside of many government offices, at the entrance way to many residential subdivisions, and at border crossings, military bases and amusement parks, to name just a few places. Read more about Booths and Shacks

Business Phone Sytems

As communication moves firmly toward mobile devices in 2013, business owners still need to seriously consider implementing a business phone system in order to effectively reach out to their customers from their offices. These phone systems also allow for easy communication between employees, elevating productivity levels and ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout their respective shifts at the office. Read more about Business Phone Systems

Construction Equipment

Any dealer can sell you Construction Equipment – but are you getting the right machine for your needs? The best construction equipment dealers are those that learn about your business before taking your money. They’ll find out how and where you plan to use your equipment, what applications you’ll use it for, and how much you can afford to spend. Read more about Construction Equipment

Commercial Ice Machine

Ice Machines: What’s right for me?
Any large restaurant, cafeteria or public eatery will need a commercial ice machine. Not only is it essential for stocking the ice supply of many common soda fountains, but the rapid availability of large quantities of fresh water ice is necessary for many types of food preparation and storage. Commercial ice machines are also used in many medical and scientific facilities in order to produce ice for cooling, and so demand and cost may be high in some areas, due to the great versatility and usefulness in many areas. Read more about Commercial Ice Machine

Digital Copier

Choosing an Office Copier
With so many copy machines to choose from and such a variety of technical terms and features, it can be difficult to pick the right one. It is important to consider if it has an automatic document feeder (ADF), how many pages it can print per minute, whether it can print in monochrome only or color, whether it has wireless or not and also the quality of the copied documents. Read more about Digital Copier

File Cabinets

File cabinets are an integral part of any office environment. There are several different styles that are commonly used. A person will need to determine the size and amount of documents being stored before purchasing a file cabinet. Read more about File Cabinets

Floor Cleaning Machine

In commercial cleaning, professional-grade equipment is important for doing the job right. Whether floors need to be swept, scrubbed or polished, using the appropriate machines will improve efficiency and results. Here’s a look at the major types of machines used for cleaning floors along with their usual prices. Read more about Floor Cleaning Machine

Forklift Costs

Before you can figure out, “How much are forklifts?” you’ll have to narrow down exactly what it is you’re looking for. Knowing what your forklift is going to be used for is key to answering the question, “What’s the cost of forklifts?” As a rule of thumb, more expensive forklifts will be on the larger side and will be able to handle heavier weight. Read more about Forklift Costs

Hosted PBX Phone System

Hosted PBX phone systems prices vary based upon the features of the phone, the contracts and the number or employees. Prices may also be affected by phone system costs and installation costs. For detailed information, clients will have to contact the provider of hosted PBX phone system. Read more about Hosted PBX Phone System

Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

The effects of the Internet have been widespread, but many companies lament the fact that customers no longer interact as much as they did in the past. People do much of their research online, and it can be difficult to guide customers in a particular direction after they have arrived. Fortunately, computers have provided a way to drive interaction: kiosks. Read more about Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

Key Features of Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Companies can enjoy advanced features such as call transfer, interactive voice prompts, text-to-speech, key press verification, call scheduling, voice mail and caller ID. Conditional call branching and detailed call statistics are also beneficial and help to improve efficiency of companies. Text messages can be sent directly from an IVR applications for enhanced productivity. IVR systems offer a significant return on investment for companies. Read more about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

POS Systems

There aren’t many purchases for your business that are as important as that of a POS system. A POS system is an upgraded cash register. A POS system includes a computer, monitor, cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a keyboard or scanner. Not only are POS systems more productive than cash registers, but POS systems can also create detailed accounts that can help you make wiser business choices. Read more about POS Systems

Postage Meter

Some companies require bulk mailing, especially companies that produce large amounts of material goods and letters for clients and prospective customers. However, an issue arises wherein mass mailing becomes both inconvenient, and costly. One possible solution is to rent one’s own postage meter. Such a device is typically linked to the business account and allows employees to utilize paid postage to stamp, postmark, envelope and mail the materials all from within the office. Read more about Postage Meter

Security Systems

There are numerous places that provide vehicle wraps. Some only provide the design, while others include design and installation services. When a person purchases a vehicle wrap, he or she should ensure that only the best quality of materials is used for the desired durability level. Poor-quality materials can cause damage to a vehicle when the wrap is removed. Read more about Security Systems

Spray Paint Booth Costs

Though spray paint booths have been around for years, over the last decade their popularity has increased markedly for several reasons. This article introduces you to the basics of spray paint booths and the reasons for their popularity. Read more about Spray Paint Booth Costs

Storage Containers

Storage cabinets are used in home and commercial garages to organize tools, paints, chemicals, cleaning supplies and fishing tackle. Tool cabinets are often made by the same companies that make and sell tools and are fitted with hardware customized to hold a certain type and brand of tool. Cabinets that are used to store chemicals and gasoline cans are usually made of industrial grade steel and marked with warning signs about the volatility of their contents. Steel cabinets are preferred in garages and workshops due to their ruggedness and the fact that they are nonflammable. If you are considering storage for your expensive tools, make sure that you get high-quality cabinets with locks. Read more about Storage Containers

Time and Attendance System

Business owners requiring a time and data system should request a quote from a company. Because the prices vary significantly based on the aforementioned factors, the best way to find more information is through consultation. Business owners can save money by implementing an affordable system which improves efficiency and productivity of an organization. Efficiency and productivity also increase savings. Read more about Time and Attendance Machine

Tradeshow Display

Trade shows attract many businesses and organizations, as well as thousands of attendees each year. These shows are largely composed of elaborate displays complete with banners, high definition screens, and a wide range of eye-catching features. Below is a summary of the most common types of trade show stands. Read more about Tradeshow Display

Ultrasound Machine Costs

The Cost of Being Healthy – How Much Are Ultrasound Machines? What is an ultrasound machine? How much are ultrasound machines? Technology has come a long way. Before answering the question, “How much are ultrasound machines,” it’s important to understand what an ultrasound machine is and its uses. Sound Waves To Detect An ultrasound machine uses sound waves to see images and treat parts of the body. Sonography, another term for ultrasound, happens in real time. The machine, or monitor, shows exactly what parts of the body are being viewed and treated. Read more about Ultrasound Machine Costs

Vehicle Wrap Costs

There are numerous places that provide vehicle wraps. Some only provide the design, while others include design and installation services. When a person purchases a vehicle wrap, he or she should ensure that only the best quality of materials is used for the desired durability level. Poor-quality materials can cause damage to a vehicle when the wrap is removed. Read more about Vehicle Wrap Costs

Vending Machine

Vending machines are machines that dispense an item selected by a customer when they deposit money into a money detector. Having a vending machine business is a great way to build your own business. It offers unique options and advantages for someone hoping to own their own business. Read more about Vending Machine

VoIP Phone Systems

Affordability, flexibility and mobility are the primary reasons for selecting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. These phone systems allow businesses to lower the cost of phone systems by using the Internet as the primary mode of connectivity. VoIP connectivity is a more cost-effective solution than traditional phone systems. With the price of VoIP phone systems lowered, business owners can transfer savings to customers or invest in other areas of the company. VoIP technology has significantly improved each company’s ability to communicate for less. Read more about VoIP Phone System

Wide Format Printer

While not the typical office printer one normally uses, wide format printers and plotters have their place. Whether it be an architectural design and construction or computer system engineering or mechanical drawings wide format printers produce products and documents used every day. One of the most common uses of plotters as well is producing wide scale maps among other purposes. These details can be used on resource-heavy movements, geographical tracking and more. So for businesses and organizations that need this kind of printing, cost is an important matter; the cost of wide format printers and plotters is not typically at the low-end spectrum of the printer price range. Read more about Wide Format Printer

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