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How Much does a Business Phone System Cost?

How Much does a Business Phone System Cost?

The cost of business phone systems depends upon phone costs, wiring costs, installation costs, cabinet costs and monthly service charges. The total cost of business phone systems can also be affected by the type of system chosen and the number of employees the phone system must serve. Because the number of employees affects the cost, many employees view the cost of phone systems as the cost per employee.

What to Expect in a Typical Business Phone System

Business Owners Prefer VoIP. VoIP is the preferred method of communication by many small business owners because monthly expenses are more affordable than traditional phone systems. VoIP PBX equipment is more expensive typically by a couple of hundred dollars. Some phone systems offer a hybrid solution to provide a back-up in the event a phone line is severed or compromised. VoIP can serve as the backup in a traditional system, or a traditional system can serve as a backup for VoIP PBX.

Get Business Phone System Pricing Information

Ease of Use. Select a company offering business phone systems with easy installation processes. This will save companies time and money. The system should be so easy that a business owner could install it without assistance. If the phone system requires adjustment or an employee needs to be moved, the process should be easy.

Scalabilty. Business phone systems should grow with the business as it grows. When the system is easy to expand, business owners save money by only purchasing equipment required for the current number of employees rather than a future number of employees.

Specifically, What’s the Costs of Business Phone Systems?

Overall Cost of Phone System. Business phone systems with a significant number of employees can cost between $300 and $1000 per employee. The average PBX phone system will cost approximately $800. Discounts are available for business owners of 100 employees or less.

VoIP systems may be slightly less expensive overall than other types of systems. The system itself may cost more, but the monthly service may be less. This lowers the effective cost of the system once the initial equipment investment is covered. Investment in a router and network infrastructure is necessary. This is a significant cost in the entire business phone system.

Cost of Phones. The telephones for a PBX system may cost between $100 and $250 per phone. The cost will depend upon the vendor selected for telephones. Some brands are more expensive than others. Business owners can save money by purchasing multiple phones at once.

Cost of Cabinet. The cost of the cabinet for the router, server and other components of the system will depend on the size of the system. Fire-proof and theft-proof cabinets can cost between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the level of protection the cabinet provides. Most companies will include the cabinet in the total cost of the system. Business owners should not have to be concerned about purchasing this component separately.

Cost of Installation. Installation varies depending on the vendor and will require a quote for specific pricing. Installation costs increase if existing wiring is not compatible with phone systems.

Consider Business Phone Systems for Enhanced Communications

Business phone systems help organizations appear professional while communicating with customers. Experts can advise small business owners and help them select the appropriate system to meet their needs.

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