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EMR Software Costs

EMR Software Costs

The cost of electronic medical records (EMRs) is being subsidized by the current Meaningful Use initiatives designed to help physicians integrate electronic medical records into organizations by 2015. Digital medical records improve the efficiency of medical organizations. When comparing EMR solutions and costs, medical professionals should consider the effectiveness of the solution to store, retrieve and modify medical records. Evaluation of features will ensure medical professionals receive the best value for the cost.

What to Expect of a Typical EMR Solution


EMR solutions are fully-customizable to meet the needs of a specific organization. Logos may be added to the EMR solutions, and the features may be modified to complement the workflow processes of specific medical organizations. Training may also be integrated into specialized solutions. Operational costs are reduced with improved integration.

Improved Efficiency.

Studies have shown that efficiency is improved by six percent with EMR solutions. Improved efficiency can save medical professionals significant amounts of money. Medical professionals can expect to reduce scheduling errors, reduce patient charting errors and reduce patient encounter time. Transcription costs are virtually eliminated with certain EMR solutions. Medical professionals also save money on storage costs. Each feature plays a role in improved efficiency.

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Faster Access to Patient Data.

Physicians reduce the time associated with searching for physical charts. Patient information is digitized in EMR solutions to avoid misplaced charts. Patient data is searchable and easy to analyze with EMR solutions.

ePrescribing and Prescription Database.

When prescriptions are digitized, the possibility of error is reduced. Physicians avoid prescribing conflicting medications and supplements. With ePrescribing integrated into EMR solutions, physicians can order prescriptions and have them waiting at the pharmacy as soon as the visit is complete.

Error Detection Mechanisms.

Many EMR solutions have built-in error detection. The technology will identify potential safety issues in diagnosis or medication prescribing. Clinicians are supported by features that help them make decisions with improved accuracy.

Ability to Share Medical Records Between Organizations.

EMR solutions should have the capability to share patient medical record with medical partners. Data sharing saves time, printing costs and storage costs. Sharing also reduces paperwork and improves collaboration among medical professions. Better healthcare is possible with improved collaboration.

Secure According to HIPAA Regulation.

Reputable EMR software will meet HIPAA standards for sharing patient medical records online through cloud-based systems. Most EMR solutions share patient data over a web-based solution with 256-bit SSL encryption. Experts cite that EMR software is more secure than most paper-based solutions.

Compatible with Existing Solutions.

HL-7 compatibility allows for easy integration of EMR solutions with existing software. This helps companies save money when existing solutions are easily integrated.

Estimated Cost of EMR Solutions

The cost of EMR solutions will vary based upon the size of the organization and the features offered. Customization and advanced features increase the cost of electronic medical records. EMR solutions, in general, may cost approximately $850 for a single basic license. An advanced license may cost approximately $1350. Volume discounts are available for medical professionals who need multiple licenses. This price is low for an EMR solution offering advanced functionality.

Contact an EMR Provider for a Quote

Contact an EMR provider for a quote and integrate an EMR solution before the 2015 deadline. Subsidies are available to assist with the migration to digital medical records. Quotes may be obtained from EMR solutions online.

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